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Covering the full spectrum of global financial services

A number of factors are permanently changing the Financial Services industry. These most notably include growth of new digital technologies, fast evolving customer behaviors, unsteady growth in mature economies, globalization of markets and regulatory pressure.

Expertise in Financial Services Consulting

Through its longstanding client relationships and its strong convictions about intelligent business practices, Eve Consultancy has developed an expertise that is renowned in the financial services industry.

Financial modelling

Models are at the hearth of all business decisions. Whether you’re looking to raise finance buy or sell a business, assess strategic options, or just plan for the future, you’re going to need a forecast. This is likely to come from a financial model.  

Strategy Formulation

In view of the significant global market opportunities and challenges, clients are seeking to become “strategy focused organizations”. More importantly, the challenge is not to have the “best strategy” but a customized effective strategy that can be implemented and executed successfully. 

Our experience enables us to provide the following skills

  • Expansion into international markets
  • Stimulation of growth
  • Transformation of multi-channel customer relationships
  • Diversification of offers
  • Operational effectiveness of the back office
  • Performance of support functions (Finance, HR, IT)
  • Payments
  • Claims management
  • Real Estate Advisory
  •  Financial and working capital advisory

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